Gnathology refers to the branch of dentistry that studies the dental contact (occlusal contact) between the upper or maxillary arch and the lower or mandibular arch in correlation with the temporomandibular joints. Masticatory efficiency, in the absence of symptoms, depends on this contact which in turn influences and is influenced by the functional neuro-muscular activity and of the temporomandibular joints.

Disharmonious relationships between the dental arches can be the basis of various painful symptoms of the cranio-cervical-mandibular district. The functional analysis of dental occlusion is performed with electromyographic analysis of the surface of the masseters, anterior temporal and sternocleidomastoids with wireless technology.


The BTS TMJOINT device is an instrument for surface electromyographic analysis: it is the solution for the functional analysis of dental occlusion. It provides functional information on neuromuscular alterations induced by occlusal contact via surface electrodes applied on both sides of the face and neck.