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Have you ever dreamed of a good night's sleep?

Sleep apnoea sufferers may experience hundreds of apnoea episodes every night, but they are unlikely to remember them the next morning. If the sufferer lives or sleeps alone, as is often the case with heavy snorers, they may be unaware of their condition for many years.


Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a serious sleep-related breathing disorder. In people with OSA, the tongue and muscles of the first airway relax to the point where they collapse, blocking the airway during sleep. This airway obstruction can cause multiple short apnoeas: sometimes up to 600 apnoeas can occur in a single night. The brain responds by sending arousal signals to prevent the person from suffocating. The person then has an unconscious micro-awakening, struggles to open the airway and resumes breathing. This cycle often produces a strong and sharp breathing sound. The consequences of these repeated awakenings are restless sleep and health problems related to this pathology. In the morning, patients wake up restless and exhausted. They often suffer from daytime sleepiness and difficulty concentrating, which can lead to the dreaded drowsy driving. Heavy snoring can be an important sign that a person has a severe form of obstructive sleep apnoea. Untreated sleep apnoea can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Sleep apnoea can also be associated with sexual problems and diabetes. You should see your dentist.

L'apparecchio orale
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The SomnoDent oral appliance is a custom-made mouthpiece advancement system (MAS) for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnoea that prevents breathing interruptions. It consists of two plates, one upper and one lower, connected by an exclusive patented wing-shaped component that normally opens and closes the mouth. The device moves the jaw slightly forward. This forward movement causes the soft tissues and muscles of the airway to stretch, preventing airway obstruction during sleep. This stretching also prevents the soft tissues from vibrating during breathing, which is the most common cause of snoring. The features of the SomnoDent oral appliance offer significant advantages. It is comfortable to use and effective in treating sleep apnoea. It allows you to get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling rested and energised for the day.

For most patients, the SomnoDent oral appliance is a very welcome solution for treating mild to moderate sleep apnoea, especially if they cannot tolerate CPAP. The exceptional levels of patient acceptance and satisfaction, as well as the effectiveness of the treatment, have been confirmed by a wide range of studies and clinical research.


An oral appliance with unparalleled features:


  • clinically validated and patented

  • made to measure

  • Allows you to open your mouth normally

  • Safe and effective

  • Very comfortable to wear

  • Allows you to talk and drink

  • Allows you to close your lips completely

  • Small and convenient: ideal for travel

  • Comfortable: a great relief for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP

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