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Gabriele Moretti

Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics achieved on 26/10/2007 with an experimental thesis entitled "Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of

a proteolytic canal irrigant" at the University of Varese.
State exam at the University of Milan.
Member of the Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Como from 21/01/2008 at n ° 765.
Member of ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists) section.

Provincial of Como-Lecco at n ° 176.
From 2004 to 2007 he attended an internship at the Odontostomatological Clinic of Velate (VA).

In 2006 he attended the theoretical and practical course "Mechanical instrumentation with simultaneous technique: the Mtwo method"
In 2007 Tutor in Endodontics at the Odontostomatological Clinic of Velate (VA)
In 2008 he attended the fixed prosthesis course "Prosthetic rehabilitation on natural teeth and implants" Dr. M. Fradeani
In 2014 he attended the annual course of Prof. Zucchelli "Surgical Periodontology"
In 2014 he attended the course "Everyday prosthesis with BOPT technique" Dr. Fabio Galli
In 2016 he attended the BOPT Prosthetics course of Dr Bazzoli
In 2016 he attended the course entitled "The lifting of the smile with ceramic veneers" by Dr Tessore
In 2016 he attended the course of Regenerative Surgery of Dr Cortellini and Prof Tonetti
Periodic attendance at the annual refresher courses in Endodontics of the SIE, and of the AIE, in Conservative of the AIC, in Periodontology of the SidP
He carries out clinical activity dealing with Endodontics, Conservation, Periodontology, Prosthetics
Dozens of attendances at national and international congresses with participation in theoretical-practical courses by numerous leading speakers in the field of Endodontics, Aesthetic and Conservative Dentistry.

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