Dental Surgeon

Carlo Tacchi

Doctor Carlo Tacchi graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Pavia.

Since 1990 he has mainly dealt with implantology, fixed and removable prosthetics, conservative, periodontology and oral surgery.

He has decades of experience in piezoelectric surgery. Since 2012 he has been using the diode laser as an aid in mucogingival surgery, in endodontic retreatment of necrotic canals, in the non-surgical therapy of periodontal pockets,

in the treatment of labial hemangiomas.

He practices in his studio in Lonate Pozzolo and collaborates with Doctor Luraghi in Como.

Member of ITI – Strauman Institute (CH) from 2006 to 2011.


  • dentistry under the microscope
  • gnathology in a postural key
  • aesthetic dentistry on natural teeth and implants
  • implantology
  • conservative and prosthesis
  • surgery
  • endodontic surgery
  • radiology
  • periodontology
  • dental occlusion in a postural perspective